About Us

Our story

Our Mission

Med-Bay has one very simple mission: to ensure that medical and dental practitioners and professionals as well as event companies follow the Continued Professional Development (CPD) guidelines of the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). The HPCSA, has stated that all licenced practitioners in South Africa must participate in accredited programmes in which they must demonstrate their commitment to CPD.

Med-Bay has developed custom systems to store a secure audit trail of CPD points and certificates for a complete CPD solution which practitioners and professionals control. Our involvement with management systems for CPD events and an understanding of medical training needs has allowed us to vertically integrate our solutions. We offer individuals and specialist groups advise on the best route to acquiring, not just sufficient CPD but the best possible sources of information, networking and training.

Our Expertise

Event organisers rely on our expertise and systems to provide a vertically integrated solution to delegate enrolment, event management and post conference/congress administration of CPD. Our systems handle everything from accreditation, pre-event administration, registration, barcode tracking of individuals and their attendance of sub-events all the way through to issuing of certificates and ongoing integration of future CPD points for individuals. Med-Bay have the system flexibility and experience to tailor our solutions to the specific needs of each event. Our systems can optionally be run by your existing in-house teams.

Branding, Marketing & Web Presence

Med-Bay can assist/advise/deliver on all aspects of design, coding and development of brand awareness and marketing for CPD events.