Med-Bay System Changelog

  • New Feature
    New, modern designed registration form with 100% mobile friendly view and bootstrap integration.
    08 April 2018
  • Change
    VAT Change from 14% to 15%. Any invoice generated before 1 April 2018 will show 14%, any invoice on or after 1 April 2018, will show 15% vat.
    01 April 2018
  • Change
    Change in the stand registration platform. When a stand is chosen, it is reserved for 5 minutes to avoid double booking of the same stand.
    22 March 2018
  • New Feature
    Lecture selection in accordion registration form now available for delegates to choose lectures before paying for an event. The chosen lectures are shown in a lectures column in the Event Manager.
    15 March 2018
  • Change
    Added new icon set in the Event Manager to make it more user friendly and easier to view.
    10 March 2018
  • Bug Fixed
    Ability to not view subcharges in Event Manager is now fixed. When you hover over the subcharge icon in the event manager, it will now show you what subcharges have been chosen.
    10 March 2017
  • New Feature
    Paypal Express integration enabled.
    27 November 2017