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ApprovedThe CPD accreditation service helps organisations provide approved CPD and acts as a point of contact for those seeking to obtain certified CPD material. It supports further learning initiatives being undertaken by Government, professional institutions, trade associations, individual organisations, training providers, suppliers and so on.


Only tertiary training institutions, professional associations and constituted interest groups that have a professional identity and that are aligned with a training institution, a professional association or an international institution may be accredited as accredited service providers for CPD. Accreditation is granted to the service provider for activities that are provided during the CPD year. Each new activity must have a completed application form along with a programme of the course as well as a CV of the speaker/s. There are no gaurentees that the CPD applications will be accredited.

Accreditation Service

Med-Bay have a long standing working relationships with several tertiary training institutions. Send us your applications to get your CPD events accredited by one of our associated professional groups or contact us to find out how you can receive CPD accreditation for your course.

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